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Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

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Low Level Laser therapy (LLLT) is the treatment of various conditions using laser to bring about a photochemical reaction at a cellular level. The laser light penetrates into tissue where it is absorbed by cells and converted into energy that influences the course of metabolic processes.

The LTU-904 models are infra-red lasers operating at a wavelength of 904 nanometers. This invisible wavelength penetrates deeply into tissue (much deeper than the often used red laser operating in the visible red region).


Specific advantages of the LTU-904 laser therapy include:-

  • Painless and often immediate analgesic effect at the time of treatment
  • Dramatically shortened recovery time with rapid reduction of swelling and inflammation
  • Non-invasive and patient friendly treatment
  • The LTU models are Class 1 lasers and therefore eye-safe for patients and clinicians.

Responsive Injuries

Laser therapy is recognised and used worldwide for the treatment of numerous injuries in humans and animals. The 904 nanometer wavelength of the LTU models is especially effective in the treatment of:-

  • Lymphedema/lymphoedema
  • Slow healing skin wounds
  • Fibrous lesions
  • Sprained and strained ligaments
  • Tendon injuries
  • Muscle soreness

The LTU models can be used in conjunction with ultrasonic therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic therapy and concurrent with most other therapy.

Full details of the treatment methods for various injuries are provided in the comprehensive owner's manual which is included with the units.

Treatment of Injuries

Treatment using the LTU models is usually in contact with the skin, directly onto the injury. When treating skin wounds, the units are used in non-contact mode.

The time and frequency of the treatment varies depending on the type of injury and its condition. This may be as short as one single treatment of a few minutes to many treatments of 5-10 minutes.

Ease of Use 

The outstanding features of the LTU models are their strength and portability. The LTU-904 Unit is designed to be used as easily in the field as in the surgery.

The small portable package is hand-held with rechargeable batteries that give up to five hours of continuous use between charges, or the units can be operated from mains power.

The digital timer keeps track of the treatment time, and the audible beep confirms that the unit is working.

Each unit comes with a reflective shield. This innovation ensures that light reflected from the surface of the skin is reflected back to the tissue. This improves the effectiveness of the unit.

The Unit

The LTU has a self contained power supply of rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries. Each unit comes with an ac adaptor/battery charger to suit your country, reflective shield, instruction manual, infra-red indicator and hand carry case. The entire package is light weight and completely portable.

The LTU features an in-built digital timer, and audible warning device which sounds when the laser is operating, and two power settings.

The LTU-904 operates with a peak power of 5 Watts.

The Laser Effect

Infra-red energy is absorbed in the cell membrane, where it induces a photophysical reaction which directly mediates the membrane potential, resulting in the intra and extra cellular transport of photoproducts.

The ultimate photoresponse is cellular proliferation.

The cellular mechanisms are immediate, and are followed by secondary local reactions as the photoproducts interact with surrounding cells and tissue, producing such documented effects as enhanced blood and lymphatic flow, and photomediated neural reponses. The local reactions are followed by systemic effects as the photoproducts are carried by the blood and lymphatic systems around the body, and the photomediated neuroresponses take effect.

Treated skin wounds show the following reactions:-

  • Reduced scar formation
  • Reduced pain and inflammation
  • Increased collagen and reduced cellular substances
  • Increased epithelial activity
  • Increased capillary blood vessel formation

Technical Data

  • Battery: inbuilt nickel metal hydride
  • Battery capacity: 5 hours
  • Charge time: 15 hours
  • Class 1 laser product
  • Weight:: 375 grams
  • Length: 205mm(10 inches)



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